Morcom/Morcombe One-Name Study

Morcom/Morcombe family codes and charts

If you have a fairly large monitor screen (and good eyesight), you may prefer to view a much more informative version of this table, available here. In particular this version lists the number of individuals in each chart and the foreign regions where members of the family have been found.

The larger trees (in bold print) in this website produce such huge charts that sub-charts are also provided for branches of these families. For each chart or sub-chart, the MORCOMBE male heading the family is named. Sub-charts are denoted with a * before the familycode. Birth dates should be regarded as approximate, because, even if they are not marked as "c.....", many will be based on christening dates which may be a few years later than the actual birth.

Families with fewer than 50 members will generally not have charts, though a few of them will still be coded. The trees for these uncharted families can be reconstructed by identifying parents and children in the person details.

The family codes below are a combination of the birth place and forename of the MORCOM/BE male heading a particular tree or sub-tree. However, identical male forenames occur so frequently in St ISSEYjohn GWENNAP, that it has been necessary to distinguish repeated Christian names by a suffix 1 or 2.

Further research should reduce the 30 separate families in this chart as well as adding some of the smaller unlisted families to their main line. Please let me know if you discover links which will re-unite families. Equally welcome will be evidence that some branches are incorrectly joined to a family

Finding the full tree for a chart listed below

The easiest approach is to search the Person Index by the surname, forename and of the male heading the family. When his full details appear click on the chart you wish to view.

If the familycode appears in blue you can click on the title to read a short history of the family.

Family code Husband Approx DOB Parish of origin
ADELAIDEannie MORCOM?(16494) 1839 Unknown
DUNSTERthomas MARKHAM/MORCOMBE Thomas(15479) 1676 Dunster, SOM
E.NEWLYNchristopher MORCOMBE Christopher (05705) c.1653 East Newlyn, CON
ENDELLIONjohn MORKHAM John (10812) c.1700 St Endellion, CON
EXETERsamuel MORCOMBE Samuel (06370) c.1875 Exeter, DEV
GRADEwilliam MORKAM William (05693) c.1773 Grade, CON
GWENNAPhercules MORCOM Hercules (06458) c.1650 Gwennap, CON
*GWENNAPhercules GWENNAPjohn MORCOM John (05683) c.1784 Gwennap, CON
*GWENNAPhercules GWENNAPrichard MORCOM Richard(00893) 1751 Gwennap, CON
*GWENNAPhercules St COLUMB MAJORjohn MORKAM John (05668) c.1778 St Columb Major, CON
*GWENNAPhercules St COLUMB MINORgeorge MORCOMB George (06080) c.1760 St Columb Minor, CON
*GWENNAPhercules St ENODERgeorge MORCOM George (06336) c.1796 St Enoder, CON
*GWENNAPhercules St ENODERrichard MORCOM Richard (04422) 1803 St Enoder, CON
*GWENNAPhercules St ENODERwilliam MORCOM William (07615) 1757 St Enoder, CON
GWENNAPjohn MORKAM or MORCOM John (14984) c.1650 Gwennap, CON
*GWENNAPjohn GWENNAPdiggory MORCOM Diggory (05039) 1780 Gwennap, CON
*GWENNAPjohn PERRANWORTHALwilliam MORCOM William (05037) c.1808 Perranworthal, CON
GWENNAPjohn2 MORCOM John (19687) c.1760 Gwennap, CON
HIGHAMPTONjohn MORCOMBE John (11235) c.1675 Highampton, DEV
ILLOGANarthur MORCOMB Arthur (05926) c.1725 Illogan, CON
*ILLOGANarthur CONSTANTINEjohn MORCOM John (04808) 1819 Constantine CON
*ILLOGANarthur CONSTANTINEjoseph MORCOM Joseph (04754) 1811 Constantine, CON
*ILLOGANarthur CONSTANTINEwilliam MORCOM William (05229) 1829 Constantine, CON
*ILLOGANarthur St MARTINjoseph MORCOMB Joseph (01754) 01787 St Martin CON
KEAthomas MORCOM Thomas (05643) c.1786 Kea, CON
MEETHwilliam MORCOMBE William (11512) c.1620 Meeth, DEV
*MEETHwilliam ASHBURTONgeorge MORCOMBE George (04716) 1831 Holne nr.Ashburton, DEV
*MEETHwilliam ASHBURTONjohn MORCOMBE John (10413) 1829 Holne nr.Ashburton, DEV
*MEETHwilliam DREWSTEIGNTONjames MORCOMBE James (12177) 1802 Drewsteignton, DEV
*MEETHwilliam INWARDLEIGHgeorge MORCOMBE George (04494) 1797 Inwardleigh, DEV
*MEETHwilliam OKEHAMPTONthomas MORCOMBE Thomas (06844) 1791 Okehampton, DEV
*MEETHwilliam OKEHAMPTONwilliam2 MORCOMBEwilliam (08220) c.1825 Okehampton, DEV
*MEETHwilliam SOUTH TAWTONrichard MORCOMBE Richard (06300) 1791 South Tawton, DEV
OKEHAMPTONwilliam MORCOMBE William (05948) c.1816 Okehampton, DEV
PADSTOWthomas MORCOMBE Thomas (06359) c.1750 PADSTOW, CON
PROBUSwilliam MORKIN or MORCOMBE Unknown (15420) c.1735 Probus, CON>
*PROBUSwilliam PROBUSgeorge MORCOM George(00007) c.1805 Probus, CON
*PROBUSwilliam PROBUSjohn MORKEM or MORCOMBE John (06575) 1788 Probus, CON
*PROBUSwilliam PROBUSthomas MORCOM/BEthomas (15164) 1796 Probus, CON
*PROBUSwilliam PROBUSwilliam2 MORCOM William (00164) c.1793 Probus, CON
St BLAZEYthomas MORCOMB Thomas(05663) 1775 St Blazey, CON
St COLUMB MINORgeorge MORCOMB George(06080) c.1750 St Columb Minor, CON
St COLUMB MINORthomas MORKHAM Thomas (06233) c.1625 St Columb Minor, CON
St GERMANSjohn MARCUM John ((13877) c.1675 St Germans, CON
*St GERMANSjohn St GERMANSanthony MORCOMBE Anthony (05638) c.1779 St Germans, CON
*St GERMANSjohn St GERMANSdaniel MORCOMBE Daniel (05883) 1768 St Germans, CON
*St GERMANSjohn St MARTINwilliam MORCOMBE William (01186) 1769 St Martin on Looe, CON
St GLUVIASwilliam MORCOM William (08179) c.1750 St Gluvias, CON
St ISSEYjohn MORCOMB John (02146) 1615 St Issey, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPdigory1 MORCOM Digory (06442) 1727 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPdiggory MORCOM Digory (05039) 1780 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPedward MORCOM Edward (02039) 1777 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPjohn2 MORCAM John (02463) 1764 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPjoseph1 MORCOM Joseph (01633) 1767 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPrichard MORCOM/BE Richard (01838) 1779 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPthomas1 MORCOM Thomas (06322) 1751 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPthomas2 MORCOM Thomas (02158) 1822 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPtremain MORCOM George (02803) 1788 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPwilliam1 MORCOMBE William (07480) 1765 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn GWENNAPwilliam2 MORCOM William (05633) 1753 Gwennap, CON
*St ISSEYjohn KEAdennis MORCOM Mark (02483) 1783 KEA, CON
*St ISSEYjohn KENWYNhawke MORCOM Joseph (02192) 1809 Kenwyn, CON
*St ISSEYjohn PENZANCEbawden MORCOM James (02201) c.1819 Penzance, CON
*St ISSEYjohn REDRUTHboase MORCOM Joel(02581) & Elisha (02603) c.1775 Redruth, CON
St KEAthomas MORCOM Thomas (05643) c.1786 Kea, CON
St MERRYNjohn1 MORCOMB John (05666) c.1780 St Merryn, CON
St MERRYNjohn2 MORCOM John (16323) c.1780 St Merryn, CON
SHEBBEARjohn MORCOMBE John (05986) c.1560 Shebbear, DEV
SHEEPWASHrobert MORCOMBE Robert c.1660 Sheepwash, DEV
STITHIANSwilliam MORCOM William (01500) c.1825 Stithians, CON
WENDRONjohn MORCOM John (07193) c.1750 Wendron, CON

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